The Colorado Lung Health Connection recognizes that lung disease is a debilitating, depressing life change that can be partially alleviated with knowledge, support, exercise and empowerment. CLHC is dedicated to its mission to foster a meaningful, empowering interchange and relationship that serves to educate both providers and recipients of care in managing lung disease to maximize the quality of life.

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Thomas L Petty, MD
14th Annual Moving Mountains Lung Health Conference


Saturday, October 7, 2017
2105 Decatur St
Denver, CO 80211

Spotlight On...

  • Invacare was a featured vendor at our recent CLHC “Moving Mountains Conference” last October 2016. See them again on October 7, 2017


    Invacare Corporation is a global leader in manufacturing home medical devices and is dedicated to putting the patient at the center of everything we do. We are passionate about providing clinical solutions for post-acute care, rehab, homecare, and respiratory markets to promote our Corporate Vision—Making Life’s Experiences Possible™.


    Having a chronic lung disease should never define your life. Invacare’s robust line of oxygen therapy products gives you the flexibility and peace-of-mind you want while receiving up to 95.6% therapeutic grade oxygen so you can breathe easily. Portable oxygen can help keep you healthy and active, and can be used at home or on-the-go.


    Invacare’s line of portable oxygen products helps you maintain your independent lifestyle while complying with your doctor’s oxygen therapy prescription.


    Invacare® Platinum® Mobile Oxygen Concentrator: You have places to go and things to do—and your oxygen concentrator should not slow you down. That’s why the Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator was designed with practical durability in mind to help you weather your day. This portable oxygen concentrator (POC) features advanced Invacare Sensi-Pulse technology which adjusts automatically to deliver the right amount of oxygen to you no matter how much or little oxygen you need at the time.


    Invacare® HomeFill® Oxygen System: Safely fill your own oxygen cylinders whenever you want with the HomeFill Oxygen System. Never rely on an oxygen delivery again with this refillable, mobile supply of oxygen.


    Invacare® Perfecto2™ V Oxygen Concentrator: Perfect for all times, especially during rest or sleep, the small and quiet Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator offers a contemporary, patient-preferred design and color to easily blend in with home décor. The Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator is compatible with the HomeFill Oxygen System.


    To help support an active and healthy lifestyle, Invacare created the online community Do More With Oxygen ( to provide helpful tips and tricks for anyone with a chronic lung disease, especially COPD, and their caregivers. You can visit this website to learn about topics such as staying healthy with COPD, traveling with oxygen, oxygen therapy 101 and more.


    For questions or more information on Invacare products, please call 1-800-333-6900.